Let Us Help You Build the Foundation for Your Long-Term Success

Cementing a Strong Foundation for New & Established Healthcare Product & Services Companies

Sales Growth

At 220 Cornerstone, we understand how important filling the sales funnel is. Our team is solely focused on helping connect healthcare vendors with providers / other service organizations and, with years of award-winning experience, we understand the landscape and speak the language.

Marketing & Design

We believe there’s an art to breaking into the healthcare market as a new venture, or as an established company seeking to expand its market footprint. It’s a highly competitive space, so you need a range of creative (and we’d argue, disruptive) methods to get your brand established and sales pipeline moving. 

Executive Excellence

Managing people requires suitable leadership skills and a ‘spirit’ to lead. Since effective leadership is not an innate quality, it requires an intentional passion and commitment to be good at it. The 220 Cornerstone Leadership team provides a variety of services to help you and your organization grow from Good to Great. 

How Do You Transition from Good to Great?

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