About 220 Cornerstone


220 Cornerstone is a leadership-focused company providing unique assistance to businesses for the optimization of Commercial and Executive performance. Our team has been heavily decorated over the years with both commercial leadership and individual performance awards. We believe that practicing what we preach is paramount to our success and integrity, and that frequently sets us apart. Though our achievements are fundamental to what we offer, we don’t rest on our laurels; instead we continuously endeavor to improve, stay fresh and remain relevant so that our clients may realize success just as we have.

After working with outside firms to assist with sales growth at GE Healthcare and SPi Healthcare we decided that there was a better way to help clients grow their business through lead generation, sales assistance, marketing sales training so we started 220 Cornerstone in 2015.

In 2018 we began working on the development of leadership training curriculum and added experts in the field to assist with the depth and breadth we can offer to clients who want to transform their individuals and organizations.


“… leadership should be what you ‘give’ and should be your priority. So, what is your motivation when considering the best interests of others? Should it be what you get from your position or what you give by providing others help with their success?  For years I have subscribed to the idea of always giving more than I take . . .. Servant leadership motivation is kind of like that because the focus is on giving away all that you can to others for their benefit. … I am convinced that good companies can become great when they have real leaders.” – Brian Mitchell, Inspired Selling

Leadership Team

Brian Mitchell

Founder & CEO

Brian has 25 years of healthcare and 35 years of sales and marketing experience with Burroughs Corporation (Unisys), DEC (HP), IDX (GE Healthcare) and SPi Healthcare (Conifer Health).  Brian has consistently been a top individual sales producer and has led sales teams to number one status at IDX and GE Healthcare.  Brian also was awarded the President’s Winner Circle Leadership Award at GE Healthcare.  Brian has an MBA in Healthcare Management and earned a double undergraduate major in Business Administration and Economics. He has won many awards including the GREAT Award for academic, professional and life achievement. Brian is a member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team. 

J Erin Hutchinson

Chief Creative Officer

The common thread running through Erin’s career history is her passion for the launch of new business ventures. By her early 20s, she’d helped to launch a number of successful small businesses, including two restaurants, a cafe, clothing stores, and even a small video store chain. This served as a phenomenal training ground for all aspects of growing a company, from sales and marketing to the fundamentals of business operations, finance, and staff management.

Erin transitioned from small business development to healthcare after grad school, starting a practice as a clinical psychologist, specializing in adolescents and their families. She eventually moved into healthcare management and IT consulting after a brief period of clinical work, and spent nearly 20 years in a leadership capacity within healthcare management consulting firms, hospitals, and even was one of Epic’s early employees in the 1990s. In 2013, she launched her own firm, helping healthcare IT, consulting, & biotech companies to launch their products & services.

Her graphic design & marketing experience also stretches back over two decades. She has provided both marketing & design services to the majority of the new ventures in which she’s been involved, as well as providing pro bono services to a wide range of non-profit organizations. She still mourns the demise of Aldus Freehand.

Brad Mitchell

Vice President, Marketing & Operations

Brad has been in healthcare since 2012 as a marketing and sales operations specialist.  Prior to that Brad was a men’s soccer coach and sports information director at Green Mountain College, where he developed skills in writing, website management and social media.  Brad played a key role in the success of the SPi Healthcare marketing team during the extensive growth period during 2013 and 2014.  Brad’s leadership in marketing helped produce a 30% new business contribution to the sales effort.

Jerry Lynn

Vice President, Market Development

Jerry is a 30-year healthcare veteran who has worked both with a provider as well as in sales with IDX, GE Healthcare, SPi Healthcare and Conifer Health.  Jerry is trained as an IT infrastructure specialist, but has developed domain expertise in healthcare HIM, RCM, EMR, services, software, billing and IT infrastructure applications.