In my book, Inspired Selling, I address several variables that can either promote the success or speed up a failure.  I believe that selling is an honorable profession that in its purest state combines a passion, art, and science. In not only the job of sales is passion important, but in all aspects of life and professions.

One definition of ‘passion’ is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, such as love or hate. Another is a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything, such as ‘a passion for music’ or ‘a passion for providing healthcare’.

Passion pulls us up–enabling us to overcome adversity. Passion puts the blinders on us when facing difficult hurdles and allows us to win in the face of challenge
Passion pulls us out–giving us the initiative. When our backs are against the wall, passion provides us inspiration to take a risk and to try new things and to dare to be different to be successful
Passion positions us well – giving us the greatest odds for success. When seeking a positive outcome, passion provides the confidence that gives us that little extra we need to more likely to accomplish our objectives
Passion can turn the ordinary into extraordinary–it fires creativity
Passion is the first step to success–it fuels initiative

How do you get passion? Here are several tips to help you:

Finding something you can’t escape thinking about
Believing that you are intended to be doing something about that idea
Allowing the idea to stay with you for a period to know if it is real
Be an enthusiastic learner on the topic
Try it out a few times to see if it is really in you to do it
Make the object of your passion part of your vision
Build your passion into your mission
Plan to win, not to lose
Take courage in the face of fear of failure
Understand that everything worthwhile is “uphill” so dig in and do the work
Execute the plan you have and stay with it
Be happy with small wins, an inch at a time will add up and build your confidence
Being receptive to change is crucial
Commit to the long haul

After you become passionate, what’s next?

Do something immediately: 

Study to learn more and get better 
Stay focused
Don’t allow naysayers to derail you.  It is YOUR passion. Hold on tight
Make it part of your life until it becomes your DNA

Accept change:

Things may not end up the way they began
Recalibrate your efforts and focus
Readjust your target
Resume your efforts
Find a Mentor(s) to provide feedback, ideas, and encouragement
Build your Vision, Mission, and Value statements, Plan and then Execute

Being contagious is a way to help others be successful. You can accomplish that in a few different ways.  Start by making sure that your passion shows until you don’t have to try anymore.  Intent will become not needed when your life becomes a life of passion and not a life working on being passionate.  Overcome the obstacles by treating them as stepping stones to success.  When you see trouble and difficulties as ways of building strength you will see beyond the tough times and keep your eyes on the endgame.  Put it out there for all to see so you rub off on them and so they will expect you to keep moving forward.  People will want to have some of what you have, provided it is positive energy you are exuding and will probably encourage you. And if your motivation is that of success for others and not just yourself that will automatically occur.

Models of people with passion include:

Walt Disney • Benjamin Franklin • Steve Jobs • Mahatma Gandhi • Bill Gates • John F. Kennedy • Martin Luther King, Jr. • Abraham Lincoln • Nelson Mandela • Ronald Reagan • Mother Teresa 

Read more about any of these incredible people to understand the power of passion. Kennedy may differ from the others because of his wealthy family upbringing, but he still had a vision and a passion to make and keep America the beacon of the world. Most were ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things because of their passion.  

There are many reasons unbridled passion can be dangerous and harmful to others, so it is important to be careful.  Examples of unbridled passion also exist for us and often include Adolph Hitler, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, and others. Most consider their passion to be self-interest motivated. But when coupled and delivered with a desire to help others be successful, passion is both a powerful and critical component of living a successful, fulfilling and content life.